45+ Video Lessons from YouTube Music Marketing Experts

Learn the exact strategy we used to get millions of views and thousands of subscribers.

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This course is works best for channels with less than 100k subscribers (or a beginner).

Perfect for all Musicians

This course is suitable for anyone who has wants to make music their life. It doesn't matter if you're young or old, anyone can follow our bite sized videos. If you've never uploaded a YouTube video or just want to boost your existing channel this course is for you.

  • Singers

  • Rappers

  • Bands

  • Instrumentalists

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The Video Lessons

Each video comes with a text summary & useful links.

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    • These are the 4 types of videos you should produce to go viral through music.

    • Why you need to be using these free online tools before posting videos.

    • The most effective way to get your videos more views.

    • You should be posting long videos, here's why.

    • It's been confirmed by YouTube this will increase a videos views.

    • How to write compelling video titles that will rank high and get people to click.

    • This is what you need to put in descriptions to rank higher.

    • Our top tip to getting 1000's of views on videos with ease.

    • This is by far the most crucial video ranking factor.

    • How to get people to watch all of your video, and why its super important.

    • A ranking factor most YouTuber's don't talk about.

    • Not many people add these to their videos even though it helps generate views.

  3. 3
    • A classic music industry strategy: How and why it works on YouTube.

    • A classic music industry strategy: What you need to before using it.

    • A classic music industry strategy: How to start using it on YouTube.

    • A classic music industry strategy: The secret formula to making it work.

    • Many YouTuber's say this tactic doesn't work. But they're wrong - here's why.

    • How you can attract thousands of new fans with killer visuals.

    • An extra 15 mins of video editing can help you get loads of fans.

    • This might be the most effective way of getting more subscribers.

    • If you want a quick way of increasing your subscribers - this tactic is for you.

    • Most people don't use this feature which is designed to get people to subscribe.

  4. 4
    • Advertisers will pay you, but only if you post the right type of content.

    • Start generating revenue in 5 minutes by following these easy steps

    • Earn royalties from your music, it's really simple to get started.

    • How to get paid when people use your songs!

    • Creating extra premium content that your fans will pay you for.

    • Get paid to answer questions from fans and more!

    • This amazing YouTube feature could help you boost your earnings.

    • If you put effort into this tactic you could earn loads and get free music gear.

    • Earn loads from selling merchandise on YouTube with no risk.

    • Maximize your profits from merchandise following this method.

    • You need to be using this feature to get more people coming to your gigs.

    • Partner with us and start earning money today with no effort.